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    Superiore Toilet Seat

    With the growing demand for non-oval crockery market, Plena/Tigre has partnered with Chelles & Hayashi Studio to develop a toilet seat that could be compatible with the largest number of ceramics, from various manufacturers.

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    Futura Tintas Identity and Packaging

    A 100% Brazilian brand, which has RELATIONSHIP and LIFE its main values. With products known by quality, Futura Tintas redefined their archtecture and concept brand, products portfolio, language structure and communication. The new brand and language design translates their original values and expresses their strong link with the transformer spirit and Brazilianness.

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    26th MCB Award

    Mueller’s Appliance Special washing machine, has won honorable mention at the prestigious Design Award of Museu da Casa Brasileira. Highlightned the product’s environmental impact reduction, through water savings and design innovation from our partnership. Among them, the removable basket to transport clothes and the possibility to add clothes after the washing process has started.

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    Higeia – Suave Conforto

    Chelles & Hayashi developed both visual identity and bottle design for Natura Higeia intimate hygiene line, which released the new fragrance “Suave Conforto” at 2012. The design project was based mainly in the feminity and delicacy, refering also to personal care and body harmony.