PROFILE Our achievement is based on creating solutions that can establish new opportunities and directions for the present and future of brands, energizing people, transforming corporations for a better society and a sustainable planet.


Chelles & Hayashi builds brand value, powered by the technical and creative skills of our team and focus on design solutions to generate oportunities, innovations and differentiation. We establish a link between strategic thinking, innovation and production/technology for industry and service companies, promoting growth of brand management, products, packaging and web.



Chelles & Hayashi Design was founded in 1994, inspired by the wish of providing design services focused on innovation and feasibility, connected to clients’ cuture and reality. From the beggining, we envisioned design as a constructive link between strategy and mass production, in a way to propose interdisciplinary and collaborative creation. To do so, we continuously invest on drafting technologies, knowledge and management tools, as well as methodologies for creative solutions.

Washing machines projects as Nina, PopTank and Mueller Spin dryer, as well as Melitta Coffee Filter Support Line, initiated a product design delivery model based on the tripod “rational cost/investment + high added-value + functionality”. Design awards won by these products and their market success validated investments and opened the doors to our professional recognition.

With the demand for integrated communication services, we implemented the graphic design and corporate identity division in 2000. It evolved in terms of importance and skills, turning to branding development structures – brands construction and revitalization. Projects released for brands like Diários Associados, Claris/Tigre, UniCred and Uniprime allowed the process of redirection and openind new paths for their future.

We believe in integrated design process – we also use technical expertise in product and graphic to create packaging for companies such as Natura and Cargill. We work on project feasibility for other design firms and also fully design award-winning packaging such as: Chronos line, Ekos Soap and Packaging line, Ekos Ópera Amazônica fragrance and Ekos Mate Verde fragrances.

By integrating brand/product/packaging/web design, we provide a creative model that unites freedom and conceptual objectivity, supported by technical expertise and proper tools to ensure implementation. For our team, environmental impact reduction is one of the main guidelines for design routes. We continually contribute to build stronger brands that can walk continuously for a better future – more affordable and sustainable. Our personal reward is not connected to the size of brands or clients that we serve, but to the strength and beauty that the transforming power of design can generate for all of them.