Celebrare Embedded Oven

Electric oven, built in or countertop use, with smart embed system and reversible door handle.
Client: Mueller Fogões


Celebrare electric oven was developed for both built in or countertop use, with minimum adjustments for this and designed to be perfect in both situations. The front face is entirely made of glass, including the function panel, and it was concepted to harmony any kind of kitchen, and allows different versions without additional investment: stainless with mirrored glass, white or others, since glasses are easily decorated.

The great advantage of the product is the ease way of assembly through a unique system that helps the installer. Besides, the customer has the flexibility to choose the door joint. The project developed a solution which allows the customer to choose the opening axis (vertical or horizontal) during the installation. For example: if the oven was installed at the top, it’s better that the door opens in a vertical axis (such as microwaves). On the other hand, if the oven was installed underneath a cooktop, it’s better that the door opens like a stove (in a horizontal axis), so that it doesn’t take so much space.

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