Nexcor Heart Monitor

Inteligent portable heart monitor. Diagnoses in real time and communicates with the monitoring station
Client: Corcam

Nexcor is a portable heart monitor that works 24 hs and connects the pacient with the station. In the previous 36 hours to a heart attack, the heart already shows signs of this event. So, if it were possible to detect these signs, many lives could be saved. The idea for this product was born out of this insight by César Margarida.

The device can analyze the ECG hours a day connected to the patient, detecting anomalies by softwares and alarming the monitoring station, where a cardiologist will be available. The product has GPS to locate and to send an ambulance for a user who gets sick. It also has an accelerometer to detect if the person collapsed and a speakerphone system to communicate with the user or people around.

Watch the video from Bom Dia Brasil about this product.


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