About Us

We are a cohesive and committed team. We guide ourselves by passion for human behavior, innovation, and balance, with pragmatism and a sense of viability, coupled with deep technical and process knowledge. Along more than 25 years of existence, he have created solutions for different realities. Many of them are part of Brazilians' daily routine, a lot of them were awarded, and all of them enriched our expertise for a better and better creation process.

We keep our work environment rich in ideas and at the same time peaceful, focused and efficient - even with the presence of our mascot Lua.

Our spaces are shared by a mix of keen-eyed strategists and designers who research, plan, conceptualize, illustrate and finalize, creative and technical engineers who master 3D materials and modeling in high-end, or skilled software that build experimental models.

We have a workshop, a survey room and testing laboratory, with resources to face different challenges, whether working with internal or external staff.

Our clients and projects have different sizes, characteristics and stories. But everyone are important to us.

Let's schedule an informal chat - there are always good opportunities to turn simple things into special ones!