Hayashi Arboreto Brasil

Packaging Language Identity Graphic

With over 40 years of experience in the market, a company founded by a beekeeper of Japanese descent produces green propolis extract, with ingredients of the highest quality, with techniques that preserve its original qualities.

The name Hayashi means forest, which is the basis for the healthy existence of a biome rich in active ingredients of ancient knowledge. Among them, green propolis is something different.

The design of Hayashi Propolis' new identity reflects the values of this brand, which manufactures products of controlled origin and quality, care for nature and respect for the tradition of beekeeping and oriental culture. For this reason, deep green is its main color, dense as the forest, next to the golden color of honey, in the alveolus that protects the logo and the worker bee, symbol of the brand. Visual elements that speak of a sophistication that comes from nature and that contains a lot of specific knowledge and dedicated care.