Agriculture Monitoring Probe


Sustainability Product Optimization Language

Innovation project for Agriculture Monitoring Probe allows a more profitable and sustainable operation


Large-scale agricultural activity has the challenge of maximizing production through better yield and reducing losses per hectare.

The use of probes forming an interconnected network within the farm allows the collection of data such as rainfall, soil and air humidity, CO2 and nitrogen concentration. With the monitoring of these data, it is possible to measure the growth rate of plants and roots and their health, making possible the surgical application of pesticides and fertilizers, as well as the exact quantification of the need for irrigation.

The Startup Neofield probe enables profitable and sustainable precision agriculture, also enabling the big data collection and processing with artificial intelligence, in order to create a portfolio of consulting services attached to the product.

Sensory variables acquired by the probe, allowing the monitoring of the evolution of the plantation.

The development process included the understanding of the installation and user experience, the development of concepts, and the technical feasibility of an electromechanical system that needs to resist the sun, heavy rain, winds and floods, without stopping to operate from sowing and harvesting.