Risqué Nail Polish Packaging


Structural Packaging Graphic

Packaging Design and Blisters for Risqué Nail Polish

Leading brand in the nail polish category, Risqué underwent a renewal of its packaging that did not change its main shape code, the cone. Widely recognized and copied by several competing brands, the icon was revitalized through a cap with more personality, cleaner labeling and more color in the product, as well as a set of cards that organized the portfolio in a sensorial way, by families desired colors, effects, special editions and products for treatments.

The new lid allows the bottle to be easily recognized among many others, when organized in trays in salons or stores, without using the cards.

New shape allows for a more comfortable and strong grip during handling.

The graphic language of the cards brings a cheerful style and organizes the family of products, without taking away the freedom of growth.